Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of using Dushopi services

This Agreement is between Dushopi on the one hand and you as the "User" or "Subscriber" or "Buyer" on the other hand, and is enforceable. By entering the Dushopi Site, purchasing any of Dushopi's services or products, using Dushopi's free and non-free service, or any transaction or transaction with Dushopi, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. You agree to these terms if you order any services or products from Dushopi.

This Agreement has been approved by the parties. The user explicitly states that he has read all of this agreement in full and has accepted all of these rules by using Dushopi services or paying any amount, and there is no need to obtain a signature from him and the user only has a printed copy of Maintains these rules.

Deadline for using the free plan

The deadline for using the free Dushopi plan is 7 days. If you do not purchase the plan, after 14 days from the end of the free plan, your screen will be out of reach of users. Also all your account information (including email, products, etc.)After 30 days from the end of the free plan, if you do not buy the plan, it will be removed from Dushopi's site.

Responsibility for content on the site

The user undertakes not to use criminal content on his site. If you use criminal content up to three times, the content will be unavailable and you will be warned. If repeated, your account will be blocked forever. Any claim that the notice was not observed and that you were not aware of it is not accepted. Dushopi reserves the right to terminate the contract and user service without refund. Any content and images that the user uses on their site is the responsibility of the user and Dushopi does not take any responsibility.

If the user has set their domain on the website, all responsibility for this content lies with the user.

Transfer to other

Users may not transfer any of Dushopi's products and services to anyone without the written permission of Dushopi. In general, any transfer of a product or service as a part or its benefits in any form is possible only with the written permission of Dushopi. Any transfer without Dushopi's written permission is a breach of this Agreement and the Recipient has no rights and all rights reserved to the Transfer User.

Correct information

The user agrees to enter and maintain his / her information correctly. Dushopi uses the information provided to establish any communication with the user, and in the event that the information provided is inaccurate or ambiguous, Dushopi may, at its sole discretion, terminate or suspend the subscription service. Dushopi also has the right to request authentication from a user at its discretion, and the user is required to send an image equal to the original documents and identity and confirm their location. Otherwise, the user service will be suspended until verified. If Dushopi does not receive and control the documents and user information when completing the purchase process to expedite matters, then the right to receive these documents is always reserved for the company and by not submitting the documents in time by the user, the buyer's property rights are revoked. The consequences of incorrect information are directly the responsibility of the buyer and the company is not responsible for checking the authenticity of the signatures of the buyers and their representatives.

Site ownership

Dushopi recognizes only the person who is the actual owner of the site who has purchased and registered the site in its own name, unless it is required to represent it in the purchase and registration of the site, so if the customer sends a representative to buy the site and this representative registers in his own name, Dushopi is not responsible in this regard.

Domain registration and renewal

Since Dushopi registers or extends the domain as an interface. Failure to accept registration or renewal by an international registrar or AE for any reason will not impose any liability on Dushopi.

Disputes over ownership

In the event of a dispute over the ownership of the site, the resolution of any dispute between the parties is outside the scope of the company's services and authority, and each party to the dispute must submit its request to the competent authorities, including the police or others. Judicial authorities should follow. Subscriber agrees that in this case, Dushopi can deliver the website to either party until the court order is determined at its discretion and according to the information received from the parties, such as payment receipts, contracts between the parties, etc. Or temporarily block access to site management.

Account security

Subscriber undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the password and information of their accounts in Dushopi. All operations performed by the Subscriber Account are the responsibility of the Subscriber and the user must notify Dushopi immediately if unauthorized use occurs. Obviously, Dushopi does not accept any responsibility for any loss caused by another person using your password or account information. For security reasons, the user should not use a simple password and keep their password in a safe place.

Emergency situation

Dushopi has no responsibility for non-compliance with its obligations in cases beyond Dushopi's control, such as natural disasters, war, social unrest, sanctions, strikes, government restrictions, and so on. However, in the event of such problems, the company makes every effort to ensure that there are no interruptions or problems with the shared service.

Renewal of joint service

The date of renewal of a service is after the end of the subscription period purchased by the user, and Dushopi will not be responsible for maintaining or providing user information after the end of the user service. Dushopi also tries in every possible way to inform the user to extend the service, and if the user does not receive a notification from Dushopi for any reason, there is no responsibility with Dushopi.

Price change

Dushopi is allowed to change the price of its services at any time for any reason, and the price change will be applied to the bill of the next periods of the customer.

Legal action against Dushopi

The user undertakes that if he / she has a complaint against Dushopi running or sending, before filing a lawsuit, first in writing and by sending a letter signed by the user to copy the national card by registered mail to Dushopi's office, for information Dushopi will send and Dushopi has a maximum of 20 working days after receiving the letter to try to solve the user's problem through technical or non-technical. Failure by the user to send notifications to Dushopi constitutes a breach of this Agreement.

Privacy and confidential information

All user information is protected by Dushopi and Dushopi undertakes not to provide user information to any natural or legal person under any circumstances except by order of the courts. Dushopi makes every effort to protect users' information, but if this information is stolen in any way, such as eavesdropping, Dushopi assumes no responsibility for the security of information on its servers.

Data support version

Dushopi backs up the entire server on a weekly basis on all of its services. This backup is for Dushopi internal operations only and may not contain specific user information. The user accepts the responsibility for maintaining the information. In the event of any problems, Dushopi will make every effort to restore user information, and if for any reason it is not possible to restore user information from Dushopi backups, Dushopi will not be held responsible.

Spreading lies and harassing Dushopi

In the event of any action that directly or indirectly causes financial and non-financial damage (credibility, reputation, etc.) to Dushopi, or harassing YouTube and its affiliates such as employees, websites, etc. or Any insult to Dushopi, employees, etc. in any way, the user service will be terminated immediately without prior notice and forever, and Dushopi will introduce the person to the competent authorities. If the user directly or indirectly inflicts financial and non-financial damage to Dushopi, the user will be responsible for compensation.

Intellectual Property

All rights and benefits of the products and services are related to Dushopi's intellectual property. The user agrees that no benefit or privilege in this intellectual property will be transferred to him.

Minimum age

All Dushopi users must be at least 18 years old, and if the service is provided by a legal guardian for people under 18, he or she is legally responsible for complying with Dushopi Terms and Conditions.

Cancel the service

Most Dushopi services include free pre-purchase usage to reassure users of the quality of service and services they receive. Obviously, if the user cancels his service for any reason, including dissatisfaction with quality, failure to meet his needs, lack of awareness before purchase, mistake in purchase or any other reason, no amount will be returned to the user under any circumstances.

Future changes to this agreement

All users are required to comply with all the rules of this agreement. However, these rules are not complete and comprehensive, and Dushopi reserves the right to remove or amend any of the terms of this agreement or to add a new clause at any time. The buyer is obliged to always study these rules and conditions and be informed about it. Failure to inform the user of the changed rules will not relieve the user of responsibility. The Buyer declares that it agrees from the beginning with any future changes that may be made to this Agreement.

Study this agreement

A thorough study of this agreement and its full acceptance is mandatory for all Dushopi users. This agreement is placed at the place of order on Dushopi's website and all users must confirm this agreement before making any payment, and no claim is made that they are not aware of this agreement.